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Expand Your Living Space With an Outdoor Kitchen

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Hello Everyone !

Outdoor kitchens are a hot🔥topic right now.

Just imagine extending your living space outdoors. Envision the perfect space for entertaining while enjoying opportunities for you and your family to be together. An elegant and beautiful backyard adds tremendous value to your home.

A new outdoor living space can add functional and useful square footage to your existing home. Consider how you would like your space to be used. Then consider what components would you like to add to your new kitchen; refrigerator, sink, beverage station, wet bar, icebox, trash compartment, drawers for storage? Make sure to plan for space for your outdoor grill or pizza oven, and perhaps even a tv and a fireplace?

The style and shape of your kitchen as well as size will lead you to helping you chose your countertop. Would you like your counter area to include seating, or just as a cooking prep area? What type of material would you like your countertop to be made out of.

It's always nice to compliment your outdoor kitchen with a dining area for your tables and chairs, as well as outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting will add functional lighting as well as ambiance to the kitchen, countertops, as well as the walkways.

It is always recommended to add the features you desire during the design and building phase. This will make the installation of any plumbing, electrical, or gas lines simpler before the kitchen itself is built.

It is possible to feel a little overwhelmed when considering all of these choices. To help with that, I have included some kitchen photos for you today to help inspire you on your outdoor kitchen project journey. Did you know that Tim's wife is an accomplished bathroom and kitchen designer?

Recommended first step - contact us :) or call Tim at 630-675-9534.

Thank you.



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