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Autumn is Here - Transition is All Around Us


We hope everyone is well. Autumn is here, and transition is all around us.

The plants, trees, flowers, and more. For some folks, this is their favorite season, pumpkins, pumpkin spice latte's, flannel, Halloween, Trick or Treat, all the things that represent Autumn. And for some this time of year represents what we know is coming ahead, our wonderful Chicagoland Winter.

For today's post, we are sharing some photographs of an iconic home in a local town that we worked on not too long ago. We designed and installed all the landscaping, the front entry way to home, the walk ways, the pavers design around the driveway and center landscaping as well. All details designed to work with the structure of this prestigious iconic home. We accomplished the homeowner's wish to have the circular driveway for easy access in and out on to the Main Street.

Notice the additional fall flowers and plants added for the Autumn season to add that nice pop of additional color. (Halloween decorations - homeowners own special touch).

We are wrapping up the season and booking work for next year. This is the time to start all the planning for your large scale comprehensive outdoor projects. We work with new construction and existing homes, and work on large scale projects in Western Suburbs of Chicagoland.

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