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Driveway Goals - Add some Major Curb Appeal to your Home - Driveway Ideas, driveway design, brick

Driveway Goals - Let's add some major curb appeal to your home. Today's topic is your Driveway, your driveway goals, and how to add some major curb appeal to your home.

What is one of the first things you notice when you pull up to a home? The driveway design maybe? Or the type of material that was used to create the driveway? Your driveway is typically the last thing you see in the morning when you leave your home, and the first thing you see when you return. A driveway should be stunning, and welcome you home.

In the neighborhood where I grew up, all the driveways were the same, they were all made out of concrete. Nothing against the concrete driveway of course, they are very functional, however, there are a lot more options nowadays, including the brick paver driveway. Unfortunately at times, concrete will crack resulting in costly repairs. The brick paver driveway, is a much more friendly product to work with if a brick has to be replaced for any reason, typically, it is a much simpler economical process.

There are many styles and types of interlocking paver stones, many different brands, some that include color protection, salt-resistance, and some that are also permeable. Permeable pavers help to play an important role in the control of rain water. The gap between the stone is a little wider so the water sinks through into the ground. The permeable paver also helps to manage puddles from your walkways or patios. These pavers are considered an ecologically friendly choice.

Completed brick paver driveway installed by Terrain Landscape Contractors Darien, Illinois.

Photo above - completed brick paver driveway. We used a Unilock paver color chosen to compliment the style and texture and color accents of the home. ( absolutely 💕this driveway)

If you're considering designing and installing a brick paver driveway, I have one more topic for you to consider, and that is if you would like your driveway to be heated or not.

For those of us who live in the Chicagoland Area, and have had our fill of snow shoveling, consider adding the heat feature under your drive. I can assure you that you will not regret it. I have included an example of a work in progress photo showing what the heat lines look like under the brick for your reference. #heateddriveway

Heat lines run under the driveway that is to be installed shortly.  Brick paver driveway.  Heated driveway ultimate luxury.

Heat lines installed before the brick driveway is set.

Completed paver driveway that has the heated lines under the driveway.

Heated entrance to home.

Where to start? Best next step is to email Tim, click below to contact him.Tim is the Owner and Founder of Terrain Landscape Contractors of Darien, Illinois. He has been designing and building driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, all of it for over 40 years. Lots of companies install driveways, however, there is an expertise that comes along with 40 years of experience. if you're going to invest the money into a new driveway, make sure to get it done right.

Adding a paver brick driveway adds major curb appeal and value to your home. We will build you a well designed, strong, durable, driveway that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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