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Tim Ascolani Owner Terrain Landscape Contractors

Our Story

Tim Ascolani is the Owner and Founder of Terrain Landscape Contractors.  He started this business over 40 years ago with his parent's old car and a lawnmower.  The business has evolved over the years to present day where he designs, builds, and installs breathe taking luxurious outdoor spaces.  His skills in collaboration, team work, and communication allow these amazing spaces to come to fruition.  He listens to his clients, finds out what inspires them, and then combines the expertise of the Terrain team.  Results - very happy repeat clients!  Tim and his family reside in Darien, Illinois.  

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Hinsdale, Illinios, Terrain Landscape Customer

“Tim and his firm did a great job in planning, executing and following up with us. Terrain delivered the complete package that transformed our thoughts into reality."
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